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What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

I'd like to first start with an analogy:

When we decide to start our fitness journey, how do we know where to start, and where to go?

You need a map, just like any other journey, otherwise you could getl ost on the way, wasting valuabe time and money.

Fitness Counseling and Coaching help provide you with that map.

How do I decide which is right for me?

That's a good question! I asked myself that question when I first heard the term “life coach".

What is my new analogy to explain the differences between counseling, coaching and mental fitness training?

The differences between counseling and coaching as:

"Counseling oftentimes has a “there and then” focus. What happened in the past that brought you to your current state of distress? Therapy helps an individual understand and work through this in order to let go of the pain and move forward. Coaching has a “here and now” focus. Where are you in your life, where would you like to go and how do you get there?"

Here is another analogy:  

If life is like a ball of yarn, therapy helps you unravel the tangles.  Coaching helps you knit a sweater.  Mental fitness training provides the needles for knitting the sweater.

I loved that analogy.  How about this one from the world of computers:

If life is like a messed up computer program, therapy debugs the program, coaching creates a new program, and mental fitness provides the tools for doing either.

So many times in the gym, I've seen people working out and they have no plan, and then wonder why they have no progress. They don't have a map.

By meeting with an experienced trainer, we can help provide that map so that you save time and money, and make your journey to fitness fun and prosperous!

Remember, You Live within the Environment Created by Your Choices!

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