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     Frank Tatulinski - Owner


Starting November 2nd 2015!

Try out the NEW BFF Experience at BFFITNESS LLC!

Conveniently located inside King's Gym in Bedford Heights Ohio

A Package "SAMPLER" consisting of

SATURDAY MORNING - 8:00 AM Dance Fitness (1)

MONDAY MORNING - 9:00 AM Specialty Body-Part Training (2)

MONDAY EVENING - 6:00 PM Circuit Training (3)

WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00 PM Chair Massage/ Meditation (4)

Each Individal Class - $10.00

Package Price $30.00 per week

Package Price $100.00 per month

BFFitness Members Package Price $80.00 per month

1.Similar to the Zumba, Bhangra, Bokwa Classes you’re used to!

2. Each class will vary and work specific body parts
(Remember Guns & Buns?) 

3. An intense work out to torch calories and keep you moving!

4. Relaxation through guided meditation and experience a relaxing chair massage


Contact Frank for details !
(216) 645-1538
[email protected]

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